Out There Right Here

Play title: Out There Right Here

Author: AR Nicholas

Representation: AR Nicholas, annanicholas@mac.com 

Genre: Comedic Drama

Primary Discipline: Astronomy

Secondary Discipline: Cosmology

Character Breakdown: 3 M, 1 W
JASPER MOLLOY – (75-80) – Former astronaut, later an engineer at Mission Control on staff for Apollo 11 and when Challenger exploded; now, an old man and widower. He uses an oxygen tank and suffers from early signs of dementia, yet still displays moments of great clarity. 

LUCIE MOLLOY – (40s) – Jasper’s daughter and principal caretaker. An archeologist by training, now a Fundamentalist Christian slowly earning her teaching degree. Divorced, dating via a Christian Dating site. Lost a child to accident and is now a little lost herself. 

HUBBLE MOLLOY – (40s) – Jasper’s son. An astrophysicist and respected researcher in the field of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), living in Berkeley, who’s been hoping for a sign from the universe for too long. An atheist, but also a questioner with fewer and fewer answers, whose wife has just left him. 

JOHNNY MARTINEZ- (40s) – Latino, A contractor with an open mind and heart. Not a scientist but curious. Lucie’s date from the Internet
(Character Breakdown provided by play text) 


I. A house near Pasadena, in the shadow of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Fire season– fall through early winter, when the rains begin.
II. A metaphysical, super-natural outer space where Aliens exist and all things are possible; or perhaps we’re inside Jasper’s mind.
(Setting provided by play text) 

Time Period: Close to now 

Synopsis of Play: It’s autumn, the Santa Anas are blowing and Los Angeles is on fire again. JASPER MOLLOY is an aging former test pilot and Apollo astronaut recently diagnosed with dementia. His main caregiver, daughter LUCIE, was an archeologist until her son was killed by a philandering neighbor’s pool man and found the Lord. Her brother, HUBBLE, helps out when he’s not in Berkeley searching for extraterrestrial life. His wife just left him and his life’s in a rut —twenty-five years of combing the galaxy and not a single sign of intelligent life. Then signals begin issuing from the multiverse and Jasper plans his next launch–a rendezvous in space with his beloved but thoroughly dead wife. Into this heady threesome walks JOHNNY, a contractor Lucie meets on a Christian dating site, who shakes things up with his open heart and mind. OUT THERE RIGHT HERE takes place at the intersection of science and faith, and asks, “What does it really mean to believe?”
(Synopsis provided by playwright) 

First Performance Date: May 7th, 2018 

 First Producer: MACH33 Festival 

Performance History: OUT THERE RIGHT HERE had its first public reading on May 7th, 2018 on the Pasadena Playhouse Mainstage as the selection of Caltech’s Festival of Science-Driven plays. The reading starred Philip Baker Hall. It subsequently won the Playfest Santa Barbara new play competition and had a reading in Santa Barbara. 

(Performance History provided by playwright) 


http://www.tacit.caltech.edu/shows/mach3318out https://www.performingartslive.com/Events/MACH33-Out-There-Right-There-Pasadena- Playhouse

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