Play title:  Burst

Author (s):  Rachel Bublitz

Publisher: Unpublished

To request script access email Rnbublitz@gmail.com

Genre: Dramatic Comedy

Primary Discipline: Environmental 

Character Breakdown:

Sarah Boyd early to mid thirties, Any, Female CEO and Founder of Tactix. Conventionally attractive. Wears slacks, black turtle necks, and either black or gray puffy vests. Often wears red lipstick.
Can be played by: Age: 20s, 30s, 40s Race/Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity Gender: Female

Jennifer Weaver early to mid thirties, Any, Female Chief of Technology for Tactix. Brilliant. Does not put a considerable amount of time in her clothing choices and that shows. Probably wearing a comfy and unflattering sweater or sweatshirt.
Can be played by: Age: 20s, 30s, 40s Race/Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity Gender: Female

Alexis Lyons late twenties to thirties, Any, Female Journalist. Charming, able to make most people she comes in contact with trust her right away. Can at times be overconfident in her charm.
Can be played by: Age: 20s, 30s Race/Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity Gender: Female

(Character Breakdown provided by New Play Exchange)

Setting: Sarah Boyd’s office on the Tactix campus located in Mountain View, CA. The thermostat for the entire complex is set to a brisk 60 degrees. 

(Setting provided by Play Text)

Time Period: Present Day

Synopsis of Play: As Tactix, an environmental tech company, sits on the verge of its next round of funding, founder and CEO Sarah Boyd must preserve through a late night interview with a particularly tough reporter and the waffling of her CTO. It’s a heavy load, and Sarah knows that she is the only one great enough to bear it. 

(Synopsis provided by play text)

First Performance Date: December 18th, 2018

First Producer: Keegan Theatre, this performance was a reading of the play

Performance History: Burst’s world premiere at the Keegan Theater in Washington, D.C. was the first of many readings and workshops that this show has been featured in. From 2018 Burst has been performed as either a reading or workshop eight times. Most recently being presented at the MACH33: Festival of New Science-Driven Plays.






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