Home/Range proves to be a rather unique play in its effort to highlight the difference between indigenous and invasive species.

Play Title: Home/Range

Author: Lanxing Fu and Jeremy Pickard

Publisher: Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

Anthology: This play is part of a collection entitled, Where is the Hope? Edited by Chantal Bilodeau

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Environmental

Scientists: N/A

Source Texts: N/A

Character Breakdown: Four characters of unspecified gender. Each character represents a different animal species. The species of each character is unknown, except character B who represents humanity.

A, B (human) C, D

Setting: Unknown

Time Period: Unknown

Synopsis of Play: Home/Range proves to be a rather unique play in its effort to highlight the difference between indigenous and invasive species. The play opens with Character “A” describing how their home was perfect for the time being, but they must move on to somewhere that can provide more food and resources necessary for survival. “A” is in a discussion with Character “B”-a human- through the beginning of the piece. “A” says that they will miss the human impact of things like plastics and logging, sarcastically of course. Once “A” leaves their home space, “B” is left alone. Until, Characters “C” and “D” arrive. These two characters represent invasive species. They take over the space and find tons of resources to exploit. “B” tries to kick them out but fails in doing so. The play closes with “C” saying, “We’re happy to be here. For as long as we can be” [Taken from Where is the Hope? Edited by Chantal Bilodeau]

First Performance Date: This short play was originally performed for the Climate Change Theatre Action 2017; exact date is unknown.

First Producer: Climate Change Theatre Action 2017

Performance History: This short play has been performed at various venues across the world as a part of the Climate Change Theater Action 2017. Among these venues were Brandeis University.

Biography of Authors:

Lanxing Fu is a Chinese-American writer, director, and performer. She is the co-director of Superhero Clubhouse, for which she is program director of The Living Stage NYC and a co-creator of Pluto (no longer a play) and Jupiter (a play about power). She has conducted research projects on 21st century globalization and the environment in Sri Lanka, Morocco, and Turkey, and was a member of theatre and civic engagement ensemble Building Home in Virginia. She holds a BA in Humanities, Science, and Environment and a BA in Theatre Arts from Virginia Tech.

Jeremy Pickard founded and co-directs Superhero Clubhouse, a New York-based community of artists and environmental professionals working at the intersection of ecology and theatre. He is the lead playwright of The Planet Plays, a series of nine interconnected stories about people and climate change, as well as other works of eco-theatre including Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century! And Salty Folk: An Oyster Musical. Jersey is the director of the annual Big Green Theater eco-playwriting program with the Bushwick Starr. His essay “On Eco-Theater” I published by TCG in the book Innovations in Five Acts, edited by Caridad Svich. [Taken from Where is the Hope? By Chantal Bilodeau].

Links:  http://www.climatechangetheatreaction.com/brandeis-university/


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