Mother Earth watches over a young woman as she sleeps. Unfortunately, Mother Earth has aged immensely due to the actions of humans. When the young woman wakes up, Mother Earths begs her to take care of her dying self. 

Play Title: Un-Curse

Author: Maryann Karaja

Publisher: Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

Anthology: This play is part of a collection entitled, Where is the Hope? Edited by Chantal Bilodeau

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Environmental

Scientists: N/A

Source Texts: N/A

Character Breakdown: 2 Females

Neema, Mama Asili,

Setting: Small bedroom

Time Period: Present-day

Synopsis of Play: When the play opens, Mama Asili is sitting on a stool above the bed that Neema is sleeping in. Mama Asili talks to her while she sleeps, talking about a perfect world in which grasses are green, vegetables are ripe, and children can play outside. But she contrasts this image to the actual world, one in which floods and droughts are ravishing the land and heat takes over the landscape. Neema soon wakes up and gasps at seeing a strange woman in her room. Mama Asili reminds her that she is mother nature. Neema is in disbelief as the last time she saw Mama Asili, she was healthy and beautiful. Mama Asili reminds her that humans have hurt her so badly that she has aged to the point of near death. Neema tells Mama Asili that she can’t die, that humans need mother nature. Mama Asili says that the only way to save her is to change the way we treat her and the rest of the world. Neema wakes up and realizes this was all luckily just a dream.

First Performance Date: This short play was originally performed for the Climate Change Theatre Action 2017; exact date is unknown.

First Producer: Climate Change Theatre Action 2017

Performance History: This short play has been performed at various venues across the world as a part of the Climate Change Theater Action 2017.

Biography of Author: Maryann Karanja (Kenya) is a playwright, screenwriter, and actress. As a screenwriter, she has co-written over twenty television shows, short films, and feature films. She recently created a television drama series which is currently in post-production. MaryAnn is also a member of the Kenya Actors Guild. [Taken from Where is the Hope? By Chantal Bilodeau].

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