Core of Temptation

Play title:  Core of Temptation

Author (s):  Danielle Hartman

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Genre: Drama 

Primary Discipline: Evolutionary Theory

Character Breakdown:

Lucy: One of God’s angels- a designer. In love with God. A strong, independent, woman with a little bit of spunk. 

God: Ruler of Heaven. In love with Lucy. An authoritative and compassionate man. Omniscient in the human realm only. 

Gabriel: One of God’s angels- his assistant. A submissive, shy, and obedient man. Can be intimidated by Lucy. 

Eve: A human. Very feminine and curious. Sweet and docile until she bites the apple when she becomes angry and domineering. 

Adam: A human. Stereotype of masculinity. Kind and caring until he bites the apple when he comes angry and confused. 

(Character Breakdown provided by Play Text)


Scenes 1 and 3: God’s office in Heaven at the time of Creation/the Big Bang. Scene 2: Garden of Eden shortly after the creation of Adam and Eve. 

(Setting provided by Play Text)

Synopsis of Play: A story that humanizes God and his angels in this retelling of the creation story and Paradise Lost. After an accident that alters God’s plan for existence, his relationship with one of his angels, Lucy struggles to survive.  Power.  Love.  Good intentions gone bad.

(Synopsis provided by playwright)

First Performance Date: March, 2016

First Producer: Wichita State University

Performance History: Premiering at the Wichita State University, Core of Temptation was directed by student Jennie Hughes in 2016. In 2015, it won the 42nd The Wichita State University Annual Playwriting Competition.


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