Play title:  Human(e)

Author (s):  Desiree’ York

Publisher: Unpublished

For information contact Desireé York through her website,

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Genetics

Secondary Discipline: Biology

Character Breakdown:

MOLLY ROYCE/*MOTHER: Late 20’s, White female.

SHAYNA/VOICEOVER OF SHAYNA’S MOTHER/JUSTINE/NURSE: Mid-late 20’s, African American female. 

*MOTHER character can be pre-recorded video scenes by the actor playing MOLLY ROYCE, pre-recorded video scenes by another actor or a live video feed performance by another actor offstage. 

(Character Breakdown provided by Play Text)

Setting: Various places in California: Science Laboratory on a University campus, Fast food Restaurant, Planned Parenthood office, dance club and café. 

(Setting provided by Play Text)

Time Period: Present Day

Synopsis of Play: Doctoral candidate Molly Royce has one goal in life: complete her thesis to carry on the pioneering work of her father who recently died of Huntington’s disease. Wanting to live a normal life, Molly has kept her promise to her father not to be tested for the genetic disease: until now. Master’s degree candidate Shayna Williams has trained all of her life to become a professional violinist, but a neurological disease which affects her ability to play threatens her dreams of graduation. Viewing each other as only a means to an end, Shayna reluctantly agrees to participate as Molly’s test subject in her research project as a last resort. As the experiment unfolds, Shayna and Molly develop an unlikely friendship that is put to the test when Molly finds out she is pregnant and is confronted with the ultimate decision. She must choose whether to keep her promise to her father or risk passing on the disease that killed him. 

(Synopsis proved by the Play Text)

First Performance Date: TBD (Postponed due to Covid-19)

First Producer: MACH33 Festival

Performance History: Human(e) is preparing for its world premiere reading at MACH33. Due to Covid-19, MACH33 is rescheduling the festival, date pending. 


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