Hot and Bothered

Play title:  Hot and Bothered 

Author (s):  Jerry Polner

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Genre: Comedy

Primary Discipline: Physics

Character Breakdown:

20 From the Dominican Republic, now an engineering student at Smithtown Institute of Technology
Can be played by: Age: 20s Race/Ethnicity: Latinx/o/a or Hispanic Gender: Female
21 A student at the same school
Can be played by: Age: 20s Race/Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity Gender: Male
20 A student at the same school
Can be played by: Age: 20s Race/Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity Gender: Female
45 The Dean of Students
Can be played by: Age: 40s, 50s Race/Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity Gender: Female
25 A doctoral candidate at the University of Glasgow, Scotland
Can be played by: Age: 20s, 30s Race/Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity Gender: Male 

The play includes three off-stage voices: Doozie, a campus radio station announcer; Kevin, the station’s news reporter; and Mother, Minerva’s mother. The cast of five can double in these roles, or three other actors can be added. These are all universal roles. You are encouraged to cast actors of color.

(Character Breakdown provided by New Play Exchange)


Scene 1 – A campus parking lot, Smithtown Institute of Technology

Scene 2 – A music practice room

Scene 3 – Dean Peggy Pat’s office

Scene 4 – A study room

Scene 5 – Lizzie’s dorm room

Scene 6 – The Quantum Room, a gathering place in the Engineering Department

Scene 7 – University of Glasgow, Scotland

Scene 8 – Lizzie’s dorm room; The Quad; the music practice room; the dorm room

Scene 9 – University of Glasgow, Scotland

Scene 10 – Lizzie’s dorm room

Scene 11 – Outside Dean Peggy Pat’s office

Time Period: Contemporary 

Synopsis of Play: A comedy about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Our main character Minerva, an exchange student from the Dominican Republic, is failing at the subject miserably, and she will do absolutely anything to avoid the embarrassment and shame of returning home as a failure.
(Synopsis provided by New Play Exchange)

Performance History: Hot and Bothered was developed through the New York-based workshop group Playsmiths and was a finalist in the Cimientos Play Development Program.  

(History provided by Playwright)


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