Improbable Frequency

It’s 1941. Europe is at war and espionage is the front line.

Title: Improbable Frequency

Author(s): Arthur Riordan & Bell Helicopter Riordan

Publisher(s): Nick Hern Books Limited

Publication Date: 2005

Genre: Musical

Primary Discipline: Physics

Secondary Discipline: Mathematics

Scientist(s): Erwin Schrodinger: Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist, quantum theory

Source Texts: Unknown

Character Breakdown: 4 Men and 2 Women with members of the cast playing various roles.

Tristram Faraday, The Colonel, Meehawl O’Dromedary, John Betjeman, Myles na gCopaleen, Muldoon Ira, Agent Green/Irene, Philomena O’Shea, Erwin Schrodinger, Staff of MI5, Staff/Spies of British Embassay, O’Dromedary’s Assistants, Various People of Dublin

Setting: Dublin 1941

Time Period: 1941

Synopsis of Play: It’s 1941. Europe is at war and espionage is the front line. As the rest of the world gets on with the small matter of World War II, Dublin’s lights burn flagrantly and Europe’s intellectual elite are out to play. But suspicious messages on a radio show have drawn the attention of MI5, and a diffident young code-breaker is dispatched to a Dublin crawling with spies and Nazi sympathisers to det+ermine which side neutral Ireland is really on. (Play text cover blurb Riordan & Bell Helicopter)

First Performance Date: 27 October 2004

First Producer: Loughlin Deegan/Abhann Productions

Performance History:

O’Reilly Theatre, Dublin in October 27, 2004

Abbey Theatre, Dublin March 4, 2005


Entered by: Kimberly Fonseca and Ryan Long


Production Photos:

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