One Stone

Play title:  One Stone

Author (s): Kathleen Cahill 

Agent: Mark Orsini, email at 

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Physics

Secondary Discipline: Mathematics

Scientist (s):

Mileva Marić – 1875-1948, Serbian mathematician and physicist. First wife of Albert Einstein, and it is believed that she contributed towards his work without credit.

Albert Einstein – 1879-1955, German theoretical physicist. He is most remembered for his Theory of Relativity. 

Character Breakdown:

MILEVA MARIĆ early twenties to late twenties, and briefly, forties. 

ALBERT EINSTEIN, late teens to mid-twenties, and briefly, forties 

(Character provided by play text)

Setting: Zurich and Bern, Switzerland

Time Period: Late nineteenth century, early twentieth century, and the 1930’s

Synopsis of Play: ONE STONE is a passionate, historically-based love story between two scientists – one who became internationally famous, and one who disappeared in a cloud of depression and mental illness. It is a true story about the sexual, emotional and intellectual relationship between Albert Einstein and the physicist Mileva Marić – his first wife. It dramatizes the uncredited role she played in Einstein’s great conceptual achievements, and raises questions about how gender affects the success or failure of talent. It is a historical play which leads us to ask if it is any easier for women in science today. 

(Synopsis provided by play text)

First Producer: Under Construction

First Production Date: Under Construction

Performance History: Under Construction


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