The Earthworks

Play title:  The Earthworks

Author (s):  Tom Morton-Smith

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd

Publication Date: 2017

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Physics

Scientist (s): Fictional

Source Texts: Unknown

Character Breakdown:  1 Man, 2 Women

Fritjof, Clare and Herta

Setting: Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland

Time Period: November 23, 2009

Synopsis of Play: A journalist, Clare, travels to Switzerland to write an article about the opening of the Large Hadron Collider. She meets Swedish research associate, Fritjof, in the hotel bar and requests his assistance in helping her understand the purpose of the Collider. In search of improving her article and getting to know one another, Clare and Fritjof find themselves getting in trouble with the hotel manager, Herta. (Synopsis by Emma Avelis)

First Performance Date: May 24, 2017

First Producer: The Royal Shakespeare Company

Performance History: The Other Place from May to June 2017.

The Earthworks by Tom Morton-Smith was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company at The Other Place, Stratford-Upon-Avon, from May 24 – June 17, 2017. There is was directed by Erica Whyman. Designed by Rosanna Vize. Lighting by Mark Tolan. Music by Sarah Llewellyn. Sound by Steven Atkinson.


Entered by: Emma Avelis/Matthew Ellis

Matthew Ellis is a Senior Theater Major with a concentration in Acting at Christopher Newport University.  At TheaterCNU I have performed the roles of Don Pedro in MuchAdo About Nothing, Con in StupidF@$#ing Bird, Maurice Wilkins in Photograph51, Tieresias in Antigone, and Snobby Price in  Major Barbara.   He has also performed for Initiative Student Theater, the One-Act Play Festival and The Directing Showcase. He is also a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre honors society.

Emma Avelis is a Junior Design and Technical Theatre Major at Christopher Newport University. She has been an Assistant Stage Manager for three performances at CNU and is the Stage Manager for the upcoming production of A Virginia Company. She is a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre honors society, and Delta Gamma fraternity.

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