Doctor Cerberus

Play title:  Doctor Cerberus

Author (s):  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service

Publication Date: 2009

Funder: South Cost Repertory Theatre 

Genre: Comedy

Primary Discipline: Sociology

Secondary Discipline: General Science

Character Breakdown:

Doctor Cerberus – A television horror host

Franklin Robertson – Desperately wants to be Doctor Ceberus’s apprentice

Lawrence Robertson – His dad, an accountant 

Lydia Robertson – His mom, works at a bank

Rodney Robertson – His older brother, a pain in the ass

Mr. Chow – Their Asian next-door neighbor

Coach Strapp – Franklin’s insane P.E. teacher

Sean Fitzsimmons – Rodney’s hot jock friend 

Uncle Jack – Franklin’s uncle, Lydia’s younger brother

Mr. Walsh – An Eddie Munster-like youth, not necessarily real

Richard Bennick – The television personality who plays Doctor Cerberus

(Character Breakdown provided by play text)

Setting: Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb outside of Washington, D.C. Various locations suggested minimally: a couch is a living room, etc.

(Time Period provided by play text)

Time Period: Years pass. Franklin is 13 years old when the play begins, 24 when it ends. Everyone else ages, as well. 

(Time Period provided by play text)

Synopsis of Play: In this coming-of-age comedy, 13-year-old Franklin Robertson is just trying to survive life in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. in the mid-1980s. He’s overweight. He’s sexually confused. He doesn’t have friends. His overworked parents don’t understand him. His jock older brother torments him nonstop. He’d rather write stories than go on dates (not that he could get a date). His great comfort comes from the Twinkies he eats and the horror movies he watches every Saturday night at midnight, on a black-and-white TV set in his basement, introduced by the horror host Dr. Cerberus. In fact, Franklin feels certain that Dr. Cerberus can save his misfit life…!

(Synopsis provided by Dramatists Play Service)

First Performance Date: April 11th, 2010

First Producer: South Coast Repertory Theatre

Performance History: Premiering at South Coast Repertory Theatre, Doctor Cerberus has been performed at the Penobscot Theater, the Skirball Cultural Center in L.A., and most recently through the L.A. Theatre Works ‘Relativity’ series, an audio theatre experience. This audio performance can be listened to for free through the L.A. Theatre Works Relativity site (


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