Another Revolution

Play title:  Another Revolution

Author (s):  Jacqueline Bircher

Representation: For more information contact the playwright at 

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Astrophysics

Secondary Discipline: Environmental

Character Breakdown:

Kat – 20’s, Female. An ecologist. An explosion is a petri dish. 

Can be played by: Age: 20, Race/Ethnicity: Any, Gender: Female

Henry – 20’s, male. A physicist. A logical conundrum.

Can be played by: Age: 20, Race/Ethnicity: Any, Gender: Male

(Character Breakdown provided by New Play Exchange)

Setting: Columbia University 

Time Period: 1968

Synopsis of Play: Kat and Henry, two graduate students from opposing scientific disciplines, are forced to share a lab at Columbia University in 1968. Amid interpersonal differences, a campus devolving into political chaos, and the uncertainty and turmoil of the outside world, they each discover what it’s like to be thrown into someone else’s orbit.

(Synopsis provided by New Play Exchange)

First Performance Date: 2019

First Producer: Market Garden Theatre

Performance History: With its first professional production at the Market Garden Theatre, Another Revolution has been performed as readings since 2017. In 2019 Another Revolution was awarded the winner of the playwriting competition at the Louisiana State University SciArts Festival.


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