Astronaut’s Tale

Play title:  The Astronaut’s Tale

Author (s):  Music by Charles Fussell, Libretto by Jack Larson

Publisher: Albany Records

Publication Date: December 1st, 2003

Genre: Opera

Primary Discipline: Astronomy

Source Texts: L’Histoire du Soldat by Stravinsky

Character Breakdown:


Abel (Known as Ab)


Old Man, Peccavit, the Peddler 

Setting: “The setting is our own time with its confrontation of science and religion.” 

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Time Period: Current

Synopsis of Play: The Astronaut’s Tale traces a young man’s life from his first experience of loss, his dog killed by a car, the appearance of a mysterious Einstein-like guide, his youthful desire to become an astronaut, marriage, and the fulfillment of his ambition.

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First Performance Date: 2012

First Producer: Encompass New Opera Theatre

Performance History: Premiering at the Encompass New Opera Theatre in 2012, The Astronauts Tale has been performed in and around Boston, along with having a New York premiere in 2016.


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