Arctic Requiem

Environmental Justice Attorney Luke Cole embarks on an expedition to Kivalina, Alaska. Luke works to protect an Inupiat Eskimo Village from the threats of pollution, rising sea levels, and storms due to climate change.

Play Title: Arctic Requiem: The Story of Luke Cole and Kivalina

Author: Sharmon J. Hilfinger

Publisher: BootStrap Theater Foundation

Genre: Drama (Based on a True story)

Primary Discipline: Environmental

Secondary Discipline: None

Scientists: Luke Cole

Source Texts: None: Based on a true story

Character Breakdown: Luke Cole-Environmental Justice Attorney and Founder of the Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment.  Raven-Mythological Creator in Inupiat Eskimo Mythology.

Setting: Kivalina, Alaska: Home of the Inupiat Eskimo Village

Time Period: Mid-2000s

Synopsis of Play: An Inupiat Eskimo Tribe lives together in the Village of Kivalina in the northeast region of Alaska. As an Environmental Justice Attorney, Luke Cole has traveled to the region to work with the tribe to try and stand together against governmental corruption and environmental injustice. This region is also home to the largest zinc mine in the world which has created pollution that has had extreme and possibly irreversible impacts on the Inupiat Village. The Mythological Creator, Raven, works alongside Cole spying on EPA workers in the Zinc Mine and helping him create a close bond with the Inupiat Eskimos. As Cole and the Eskimos build a bond through the play, a story is created through sadness and strength to give the audience a truly moving performance.

First Performance Date: October 23, 2015.

First Producer: Nancy Shelby (Luke Cole’s Wife)

Performance History: This theatrical production ran from Oct. 23-Nov. 15, 2015 at the Z Below Theater in San Francisco.


Entered By: Jake Caracciolo

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