The Burn of the Sun

Two women must evacuate their tribal land in Papa New Guinea because all water sources have been depleted. If they do not leave, the water company will force them out.

Play TitleThe Burn of the Sun

Author:  Miria George

Publisher: Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

Anthology: This play is part of a collection entitled, Where is the Hope? Edited by Chantal Bilodeau

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Environmental

Scientists: N/A

Source Texts: N/A

Character Breakdown: 3 Females

Rei, Ake Nanua, Dali

Setting: Arawa, Papa New Guinea

Time Period: Unknown

Synopsis of Play: Dali visits two women, Rei and Ake Nanua, in Arawa as a representative from the water company. She already warned the women that their village in Papa New Guinea will dry out and water will be unavailable if they stay; however, the women did not listen. Rei says that the women will not leave their homeland, regardless of the environmental conditions present. The water company is paying for the residents of Arawa to leave the land and settle in the city. This hopeful gesture is denied. Dali finally makes the claim that they have two days to willingly leave or the company will come in and forcefully remove and relocate them. Rei and Ake are extremely angered, and with that, Dali leaves and heads back to the city in her battery powered automobile.

First Performance Date: This short play was originally performed for the Climate Change Theatre Action 2017; exact date is unknown.

First Producer: Climate Change Theatre Action 2017

Performance History: This short play has been performed at various venues across the world as a part of the Climate Change Theater Action 2017.

Biography of Author: Miria George Te Arawa, Ngāti Awa, Rarotonga, Atiu, Cook Islands. Of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Cook Islands, Miria is a poet, writer, director, and producer of theatre. An award-winning playwright, Miria’s work has toured New Zealand, Australia, Hawai’i, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In 2017, Mira was the Fulbright-Creative New Zealand Pacific Writer in Residence at University of Hawai’I, Manoa. [Taken from Where is the Hope? By Chantal Bilodeau].


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