Time for Hawking

Play title:  Time for Hawking

Author (s):  Bruce Coughran

For more information contact the playwright, Bruce Coughran, at Brucecoughran@gmail.com 

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Physics

Secondary Discipline: Cosmology

Scientist (s):

Stephen Hawking – English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. Hawking specifically studied general relativity and black holes. 

Jaynat Narlikar – Indian astrophysicist and professor at the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics. College friend of Stephen Hawking. 

Jane Wilde – Author and teacher, Wilde was Stephen’s first wife. 

Character Breakdown:

Steven Hawking – Cosmology Graduate Student, 22 years old

Jaynat Narlikar – Cosmology Graduate Student, 24 years old

Jane Wilde – Spanish Literature Student, 19 years old

(Character Breakdown provided by play text) 

Setting: Backyard of a home in St. Albans, on the outskirts of London 

(Setting provided by play text) 

Time Period: New Years Eve, 1963

(Time Period provided by play text)

Synopsis of Play:  At a New Year’s Eve party in the waining hours of 1962, three young students meet and discuss their budding academic lives. After a night of intellectual exploration that ranges from opera to quantum mechanics; poetry to Einstein; and Indian mythology to the nature of time; it appears that two of them might be falling in Love. But will the frailty of the human body derail the meeting of the minds and hearts? Will the sparks end here, or will a great force of 20th century physics overcome all odds?

(Synopsis provided by New Play Exchange)

First Performance Date: Dec. 2018

First Producer: Indra’s Net Theatre

Performance History: This show was performed in December 2018 at the Indra’s Net Theatre in Berkley, California.



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