Science Play Students Teams

God and Stephen Hawking by Jason Putnam and Emma Marston

Lucy by Rae and Elise

Body Awareness by Fletcher Travelstead and Margaret Garrison

Insignificance by Debra Henegar

Insignificance by Timothy Sparks

The Farnsworth Invention by Kayla and Alec

Lenin’s Embalmers by Bryan Boag and Cate Wells

Isaac’s Eye by Hannah Sullivan and Ben Atkinson

Longitude by Sara Oliver and Theron Duitsman

Einstein’s Gift by Hogan Holt and Jalynn Ponzo

Improbable Frequency by Kimberly Fonseca and Ryan Long

Ada and the Engine by Brianna Stein, Taylor Williamson, and Hannah Woolard

Miss Evers’ Boys by Ashley McHenry and Alex James

The How and the Why by Sydney Jones (alongside Althea Hart)
The How and the Why by Althea Hart (alongside Sydney Jones)

Girl in the Machine by Leonard Forts and Jessica Frydl
The Earthworks by Matthew Ellis and Emma Avelis