Dr. Frankenstein

Women are not allowed to study medicine in England, so Victoria travels to Ingolstadt, Bavaria to fulfill her destiny and become Dr. Frankenstein.

Play title: Dr. Frankenstein

Author (s): Selma Dimitrijevic

Publisher: Oberon Modern Plays

Publication Date: February 2nd, 2017

Genre: Drama

Primary Discipline: Technology

Secondary Discipline: Neuroscience

Scientist (s): Fictional

Source Texts:  Frankenstein by Mary Wollstoncraft Shelley

Character Breakdown: 3 Male, 4 Female

Mary, Justine Moritz, Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein, Dr Victoria Frankenstein, Creature, Father, Henry Clerval

Setting: Ingolstadt, Bavaria

Time Period: 1831

Synopsis of Play: Women are not allowed to study medicine in England, so Victoria travels to Ingolstadt, Bavaria to fulfil her destiny and become Dr. Frankenstein. Convicted that there is no magic, no God, only undiscovered science, Victoria’s experiments lead her to the very brink of human knowledge: the secret of life itself.

In the dark of night, a creature is given life. There is violence, there is anger, there is fear. There will be consequences.  (Play text cover blurb, Oberon Modern Plays)

First Performance Date: 3 February, 2017

First Producer: Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Performance History:  Dr. Frankenstein by Selma Dimitrijevic had its world premeire at Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne, on February 3, 2017, starring Polly Frame as Dr. Victoria Frankenstein and Ed Gaughan as Creature. Directed by Lorne Campbell, assisted by Tory Copeland. Designed by Tom Piper. Lighting Design by Lizzie Powell. Sound Design by Nick John Williams. Awards include: Title Pending Award for New Theatre, Sacre Blue; Winner Best of Edinburgh Award from the Carol Tambor Theatrical FOundation & NY Times Critic’s Pick, Key Change.







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